Enhance Weather and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Enhance silicate weathering (ESW) is a NET approach in with the natural process of (silicate) rock weathering is artificially stimulated. The technique has been recognized as a promising strategy for atmospheric CO2 removal while counteracting ocean acidification. The implementation of ESW requires suitable source rock to be mined, ground to small grains sizes, and subsequently spread over suitable area. The mineral grains dissolve (chemical weathering), through which CO2 is captured from the atmosphere. Olivine (Mg2-xFexSiO4) is an abundant and fast-weathering ultramafic silica mineral and has been advanced as prime candidate mineral for ESW application. The dissolution of olivine in an aqueous environment consumes protons or equally increases alkalinity, and so increases CO2 uptake by the aqueous medium. ESW can be applied in terrestrial soils, in the surface mixed layers of the open ocean, or by spreading minerals onto sediments of the coastal zone and continental shelf. The largest application domain for ESW would be the open ocean, our technology mills the olivine particles with minimum energy to very small sizes to facilitate dissolution in the surface ocean.

Enhanced Weather and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Technology


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