What is SLBF?

Stronger Leaf Bio-organic Fertilizer (SLBF) is a soil conditioner, that  improves its structure, restores and raises the soil CO2 sequestration capacity.

Our SLBF increases water absorption by plants, and improves crops' drought tolerance ability, It also comes with a lower percentage of salt than our synthetic counterparts, moreover, SLBF promotes crop growth and has high fertilizer use efficiency.

Multi-nutritional agricultal products

Agriculture - Reforestation - Landscape & Gardening

Which is better biofertilizers or chemical fertilizers?

  • Biofertilizers are preferred over chemical fertilizers because they are not harmful to the environment.

  • They contain organic materials while chemical fertilizers are made up of harmful chemicals. 

  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture not only resulted in a large number of environmental problems but also caused serious soil compaction and soil fertility decline.

  • StrongerLeaf uses completely bio-organic raw materials ensuring multi-nutritional green products.

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